Skinner's Petfoods launches new range

Suffolk based Skinner’s Petfoods have launched its ‘Life’ range. A premium range for all life stages, Life builds on Skinner’s extensive experience in developing the highest quality products for working dogs – something they’re now keen to share with pets, as explained by William Delamore, Skinner’s Marketing Director.
“Skinner’s Field & Trial range has been the number one working dog food for around 25 years and we’re well known throughout that sector because of our absolute passion for making sure we provide the dogs with the best possible nutrition. The main aim of our food has always been to produce happy, healthy dogs – and as Field & Trial is already doing that with working dogs we decided it was time to turn our attention to pets. With our proven track record we understand the importance of making sure all dogs have access to the best possible food and that is what our new Life range offers.”
Life has been carefully formulated with the help of vets and other experts in canine nutrition, to create healthy recipes featuring easily digestible chicken and is available in Puppy, Junior, Adult and Senior, with Sensitive available for those dogs needing a fully hypo allergenic option. The range is perfectly balanced with super premium ingredients – including optimum levels of all nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals – to form a highly palatable diet for all stages of a dog’s life.

The range will be available for wholesalers to stock from the end of January and launches in
 12.5kg (RRP from £24.99) and 2.5kg (RRP from £6.99) bag sizes. The 2.5kg bags are re-sealable, for added convenience and freshness.
For further information on this exciting range of new products from Skinner’s contact your Account Manager or Skinner’s direct on 01379 384247 Email:

Spring's new launches

The TRIXIE sprinkler system for terrariums is a real gain for any terrarium and serves several purposes at the same time. It sprays and irrigates the plants, ensures a constantly high humidity in the terrarium and provides drinking water on the plant leaves. The pump pressure of the Reptile Rain can be continuously adjusted and it can be set to everything from a fine mist to rain showers. By using a filter you can use water directly from the terrarium itself, thus creating a water cycle. A low voltage system provides the utmost safety when using Reptile Rain separately. More info:

Ancol have added a light up lead attachment to their BE SAFE, BE SEEN night safety range. It gives great visibility making it perfect for staying safe on the dark winter nights! Easy to use with any collar and and trigger hook lead, the hi-vis lead attachment simply fits between the two and illuminates the dog. It charges via a USB connection and you can get up to four hours of flashing light from just a 30 minute charge. 
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Lily’s Kitchen is expanding its range of complementary treats for dogs with the launch of three new additions to the Truly Naturals range. The three new additions will sit alongside Lily’s Kitchen’s already launched Little Liver Rewards and have now introduced, Mini Venison Sausages 60g with the benefit of resealable packaging to help them stay as fresh as possible, Crispy Pork Bites 22g made using the best pork rind and Crunchy Tripe Sticks 80g are generously sized pieces of pure beef tripe.
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The latest addition to the popular Drinkwell Pet Fountain range from PetSafe Brand has been unveiled and is set to prove extremely popular with consumers seeking the latest solution for pets who aren’t taking in enough water. Dogs and cats require 70ml of water per kg of body weight every day – the equivalent of more than a 2 litre carton of milk every day for an average large adult dog. The new Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain by PetSafe Brand is designed to encourage pets to drink more by providing a continuous circulation of fresh, filtered water. Holding up to 3 litres of water, more than the daily requirement for a large adult dog, it typically only needs to be filled up once a day, and boasts special features including carbon and foam filters. More info:

The right food for allergy-prone pets

Scratching an itch? A better diet could help

Scratching an itch? A better diet could help

Human dietary requirements are complex, as too are food allergies. The same can be said for pets with both dogs and cats being affected.

And it’s estimated that 10% of all allergies in dogs are relating to food.

Allergies and intolerances are different things – one causing itching and the other, the inability to keep food down resulting in diarrhoea or vomiting. This can be an extremely anxious period for pet owners while they try and ascertain the cause.

While elimination diets have become commonplace, many owners find great benefits from feeding foods targeted specifically to the problem – be this dry skin or excessive ear infections. But it is vital to recommend the right foods. On the next page, you’ll find some products to help your customers get the best products to suit sensitive-tummied terriers and allergy-prone poodles.

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Customer quote:

Sara Mason

Benyfit Natural – Meat Feast

Benyfit Natural – Meat Feast

A recent convert to Benyfit Natural, Sara Mason whose dog Harry suffered from yeast intolerance and was cured completely by switching to the Meat Feast recipe said, “I was beside myself with worry to see Harry with such sore skin from excessive scratching. Nothing I tried seemed to cure the problem until I found out about Benyfit Natural’s Meat Feast. I am very happy with the food Harry is now on, he is full of life and it's been a great help with his skin. “


Expert quote:

Dave Latham, the England Retriever Team Captain and his wife Stefanie who is also an international gundog competitor.

“We have been breeding and training Labradors for over 25 years and no food we have ever fed has given us so much benefit for our dogs than Sneyd's Elite Fish & Potato. It is fantastic for bringing up young dogs , even the ones with the most sensitive stomachs can deal with Fish & Potato like no other food we had so far. They have shiny coats, firm stools and lots of our customers and breeder colleagues are feeding their kennel now on Fish & Potato and have had the same experience we did.”