Aqueos launched Quick Wash

Aqueos makes and markets a growing range of alcohol and bleach-free disinfectants with low levels of active ingredients, first aid and grooming products for horses and dogs.

Aqueos launched Quick Wash, a new way of freshening up your dog without water. Tracy Richards, the founder of Aqueos, said: “Quick Wash is the latest product to be added to our range of Anti-Bacterial Dog Shampoos. It is ideal to clean or freshen up in-between baths or any other situations, such as muddy walks where water is unavailable. It will also be useful for dogs who just do not enjoy bathing, for people who may find it difficult to lift their dog into the bath, or for use in the winter months.”

With no water required, Quick Wash is a foam, which is applied to the dog’s coat or face, and then towel dried. It can be used for all over cleaning or just for dirty areas. As well as a cleaning foam, it also includes the Aqueos water-based deodorising technology.

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