Fish4Dogs introduce second flavour to Finest Puppy Complete Food


Fish4Dogs introduce a second flavour to its hugely successful Finest Puppy Complete Food. They explain more about the new product...

Fish4Dogs®, the dog food and treats brand known for championing fish as ‘the perfect protein’ for your canine companions, has responded to the global increase in puppy ownership by introducing a second flavour to its hugely successful Finest Puppy Complete Food.

Fish4Dogs Finest Salmon Puppy Food is a nutritionally complete diet, full of marine-sourced omega 3, known to support joints, skin, coat, and cognitive development, also enhanced with vital vitamins and minerals, all to aid healthy growth and development. The perfect start for your perfect puppy.

The new food is available in 1.5kg, 6kg and 12kg bags, and both small and large kibble sizes, making it perfect for all dog breeds. It was showcased at PATS Trade Show in Sandown last month, where it was well received by show visitors.

Fish4Dogs Finest Puppy Complete Food is a premium, highly palatable, natural, and nutritionally balanced food made from limited ingredients. It is grain-free, healthy, and made without chicken, lamb, beef or pork, proteins often responsible for causing intolerances in some dogs, so a fish protein diet is perfect for puppies with sensitivities.

Jo Mulgrew, Marketing Director at Fish4Pets says ‘our customers have huge success with our original Fish4Dogs Finest White Fish Puppy Complete Food, which contains the same balanced, nutritional benefits as the new salmon variety. However, customers tell us they want more choice for their growing puppies, so by offering owners a second fish flavour, this time with sweet potato as the carbohydrate instead of white potato, they can be confident they can vary their dog’s diet without disrupting good feeding principles.’

FishDogs Puppy products no longer stop at premium, nutritional complete food. The company recently applied everything they know about puppy development and the healthy benefits of feeding fish to a brand-new range of premium, natural treats that perfectly complement healthy feeding.

Karen Hubbard, Product Portfolio Manager at Fish4Pets explains ‘we have one of the largest range of treats in the industry, utilising many different varieties and formats of natural, healthy, sustainably sourced fish, however we had never before had a specific puppy range.

We have taken four of our leading alluring adult dog treats and formulated them specifically for growing puppies, each product in the range addressing a specific need of a developing puppy.’

The new range gives puppy owners absolute confidence that the treats are appropriate for their new canine companions and that they are safe and healthy for them to enjoy.

For more details about the new Fish4Dogs Finest Puppy Salmon Complete Food, or any of our puppy treats, contact your Fish4Pets representative, or call customer service on (01299) 252 352.