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Penny & Pepe have launched a full range of ready grown, fresh living products to bring the outside in for naturally happy pets.

Cold winters, hot summers and an increase in indoor living has resulted in more indoor pets in the UK than ever before. Cats, particularly indoor cats, need stimulation through play and an enriched environment to support natural behaviour. Rabbits and guinea pigs need a daily serving of fresh leafy greens.

The range includes:

Pet grass: Made from a mixture of wheat, oats and barley, Penny & Pepe ready grown pet grass is suitable for a range of animals from cats, dogs and small animals to reptiles and birds.

Perfect for Cats: natural stimulation, helps remove hairballs

Small Animals — Rabbits and Guinea Pigs: source of fibre, forage and requirement as part of healthy diet

Living cat nip: Cat nips produce the chemical nepetalactone which acts as a natural mood enhancer that some cats go crazy for. Fresh growing plants have a stronger aroma than dried catnip.

Fresh living greens: Dandelion and Chicory Mix and Chicory and Chard Mix. A fresh natural food source to supplement diets and treat your pets. Our fresh greens selection contains a mix of dandelion, chard and chicory. Cut and come again or let your animals nibble the tasty leaves in moderate quantities. Fresh greens are a great natural source of fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium.

All products are grown in the UK and the pack sleeve is recyclable with carrier bags.

The Penny & Pepe living product range is available to order for drop shipping direct to store for trade customers. New customers can register here to create an account:

Products are available in cases of 4 delivered direct to store:
4x pet grass. 
4x cat nip. 
4x fresh living greens Dandelion and Chicory.
4x fresh living greens Chicory and Chard Cat Mixed case: x2 pet grass, x2 cat nip.
Small animal mixed case: x2 Dandelion and Chicory, x2 Chicory and Chard.

A branded shelf ready unit is available on request from customers who have placed an order.

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