Royal Canin - Sensory


Royal Canin is launching Sensory — a new feline wet range with three new sensorial stimulations of Smell, Taste, and Feel. Each of the new varieties has been developed by cat experts to excite cats’ senses.

Cats have an instinct for new experiences and diverse aromas, textures, and tastes in their diet so Sensory mealtimes will not only be nutritious, but also sensorially rich, filled with novelty and discovery.

The new range will launch throughout August and September. The three new varieties are available in boxes of 12 x 85g pouches in gravy or jelly and in a 12-pouch gravy multipack with four of each of the three varieties. Sensory can be mixed fed alongside Royal Canin’s Exigent, Sensible, Outdoor, and Fit dry food.

Talk to your Royal Canin business manager today, call us on 0330 6781 520, or scan the QR code to find out more about Sensory.