Vita Canis skin relief shampoo for dogs


Grooming and aromatherapy experts, Vita Canis, has introduced a new Skin Relief Shampoo for dogs.

Jitka Krizova, founder of Vita Canis, has spent the past few years putting her aromatherapy skills to great use developing a range of products for dogs that are handmade from high quality naturally occurring oils, butters, plant extracts and steam distilled aromatic waters. This gentle, plant-based aromatherapy shampoo combats itching to provide fast relief to allergic reactions and calm sensitive skin, while shielding the skin and hair from damaging airborne pollutants and leaves the hair soft and clean.

Ninety-five percent of all ingredients used are organic and cleans and conditions the coat to rid the dog’s skin of allergens, as well as being kind to the skin. It also has the correct PH level which helps to maintain the correct balance of the dog’s skin thus avoiding any dry, flaky, irritated or peeling skin and perhaps even a rash or itchy lumps.

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