Webbox Natural takes to the box for new campaign

Webbox Natural's TV ad launches this week and this advertising campaign builds on an impressive 12 months for Webbox Natural, with sales of the quality pet food doubling.

Tony Raeburn, CEO of Pets Choice, owner of the brand, said: “We know that customers are becoming even more discerning about what they feed their pets, and we feel Webbox Natural is leading the way when it comes to premium yet affordable pet food.

“2017 was a fantastic year for Webbox Natural and with our exciting campaign plans we hope 2018 will be even bigger and better.”

The commercial will see a flurry of furry animals delighting viewers with their escapades.

From book-climbing kittens, a laundry-wrecking dog and Great Danes cuddled up next to Shitzus, it’s hoped the advert will resonate with animal lovers across the country.

It will also star toy poodles Mojo and Freddie, playing characters Hetty and Hank, who first found fame on last year’s Britain’s Got Talent by playing a piano and driving a car.

This time the pair will show off a new talent – skateboarding.

Mr Raeburn added: “It has been great fun working with such impressive animals and we’re really excited to showcase them.”

Webbox Natural – launched in May 2016 and made from 100 per cent natural ingredients – is manufactured in their factories in the UK and Europe and includes something for every taste.

There are dry and wet options along with treats such as chicken with duck and cranberry bars for dogs. The range was also expanded this year to include the new duo-dinner for dogs and cat mousse.

Find out more at: www.webbox.co.uk