A decade of canine comfort


Luxury dog bedding specialist Charley Chau is celebrating its 10th birthday. From a quirky little hobby sewing dog beds on the sitting room floor to happy customers in over sixty countries around the world.

Charley Chau was founded ‘by accident’ after endless frustrating searches for a dog bed that was both comfortable and stylish. Prompted by yet another disastrous dog bed purchase that went lumpy after one wash sisters Christine and Jenny Chau sat on the sitting room floor one afternoon and hand-stitch two Snuggle Beds for Christine’s Italian Greyhounds, Charley and Anna.

The dogs absolutely loved the Snuggle Beds and after posting photos on Facebook, Christine was inundated by friends asking her to make beds for their dogs. And so, in August 2010, Charley Chau was born — no shiny business plan, no plan at all in fact, just a passion for creating dog beds that were super-cosy, stylish and practical.

Charley Chau was meant to be a quirky little hobby but in 2012, the sisters found that their small business had taken on a life of its own and it was no longer possible to fit it in around their jobs in the city. It was decision time — close down or give up their successful city careers. Charley Chau won and the sisters have never looked back.

Sadly, Charley left this world suddenly and unexpectedly in 2019 but, as the company that bears his name enters its second decade, he leaves a brilliant legacy.

The Ducky Donut Bed was six years in development but they’re confident that it’s the best donut style dog bed ever made. Forty-five metres of stitching is required to make just one large Ducky Donut Dog Bed to Charley Chau’s specification, and the sides are filled with ethically sourced duck feather pads so that a dog can squish and squash the bed to their heart’s content but it will always keep its shape.

It’s these seemingly small details that Charley Chau takes so much time to perfect and are what ensures a Charley Chau bed delivers the best night’s sleep for even the most discerning of dogs.

In September 2020, Charley Chau will come full circle when they launch their version of a bolster bed — the style of style bed that Christine purchased that prompted her to hand stitch the first Snuggle Beds for her dogs. However, the Charley Chau version 10 years on will be a much more blissful Bolster Bed and made to Charley Chau’s standards of comfort, quality, and performance over time.

Discover the best in dog beds: www.charleychau.com