Hill’s Pet Nutrition has announced the launch of its K.I.S.S 4 Vets initiative which aims to help and support vet healthcare teams (VHCTs) ease back into the ‘new normal’, during COVID-19 and beyond.

K.I.S.S (Knowledge, Information, Support and Sharing) is a newly created team of nutritional experts developed by Hill’s to bring the vet community together during these times, to empower VHCTs with knowledge, support them in educating pet parents on nutrition, and to make vets lives easier as they welcome more patients back to clinic. The initiative will offer support, advice, and comprehensive training to help vets provide guidance to clients on the importance of pet nutrition. 

With 3.5million new pet owners in the UK since the pandemic began, combined with a shift towards holistic well-being, VHCTs can expect to field more questions than ever as owners navigate pet parenthood during a pandemic, many for the first time. 

The four team-centric areas of K.I.S.S has been designed to help clinics harness their full potential across all areas of nutrition and wellbeing and will offer: In-Practice Training, The Hill’s Nutritional Ambassador Programme, On-Demand Education and Hill’s Webinars. A variety of tailored training sessions will also help give clinicians the knowledge and tools to broach nutrition, often found to be one of the toughest topics to approach with pet parents, old or new. 

Michael Unsworth, Hill’s Vet Affairs Manager, UK & Republic of Ireland said: “Vet practices have gone above and beyond during the pandemic, supporting patients and owners alike during extremely challenging times Hill’s wants to extend a helping hand, with support, tips, and tools to stay a step ahead as pet parents return back into the clinic following months of looking out for their pet’s nutrition and wellbeing without the usual level of expert guidance and support from their veterinary team. 

“Vets and their teams face multiple challenges on the pet nutrition front, whether it be the plethora of ‘self-appointed experts’ out there, trying to encourage loyalty from their clients, or the long-lasting effects of COVID, all of which are yet to play out over the long haul. The K.I.S.S. initiative will provide clinics access to a dedicated team of passionate nutritional experts, ensuring vets have the right support and knowledge base - and one less thing to worry about as they strive to improve pets’ lives on a daily basis.” 

For more information on how the Hill’s K.I.S.S 4 Vets initiative can help your practice to drive recommendations for nutritional needs, please get in touch with your Hill’s representative.