Monkfield Nutrition acts to support reptile trade


Reptile Goods Wholesaler Monkfield Nutrition acts quickly to support the retail trade.

Specialist reptile products wholesaler, livefood farm and manufacturer Monkfield Nutrition have responded quickly to the Coronavirus crisis to support pet stores and ensure pet reptiles in the UK are fed and cared for properly.

Monkfield Nutrition have even brought forward a new innovative livefood tub designed to protect insects in shipping, but also fit through most letter boxes. This means the recipient does not have to be in the house to receive fresh, expertly grown and safely packed livefoods.

It is essential the specialist reptile trade carries on as normal through and after the current crisis. As such, Monkfield have also brought forward a new ‘drop ship’ facility that allows stores to take orders and payment by phone or web, and then pass these orders directly onto Monkfield, which will dispatch the order direct to the keeper’s home on the store’s behalf. Monkfield are able to quickly and affordably ship by post almost anything that a keeper may need from their large range, including livefood, frozen food, lamps, electronics, vivariums, thermostats, heaters and most other consumables.

For more information, contact your local representative or call/email the sales office.