Orijen Original Treats – Review

Reviewed by Nicki Manning, Dudley, Hattie and Gracie

With three dogs in my house, it can be hard to find something they can all agree on. But they love these treats!

I especially liked them as they are very soft and easy to break up. This is particularly good for sharing between all dogs. Gracie, our new pointer pup, especially loves these, and is happy to oblige with recall training, bounding toward me to sit for her tasty treat. She also has a sensitive tummy and these small portions are perfect.

 For those who are training young dogs, these treats are a really good idea – keep them in a pocket of a favourite
‘dog-walking coat’.

The treats are packed in a sturdy resealable pouch and one pack represents many, many treats. Great value.

The price initially appeared high, but on testing I believe they are really good value, and will definitely keep them in my dog training armoury. I will definitely be buying
them again.