Ever thought what you should feed your mice? Marie Pavaday-Pillay shares her knowledge...


What should I feed my mice?

Marie says: Mice are omnivores, meaning they require meat, vegetable, pulses, grains and seed sources within their diet. It is important to feed your mice a quality dry mixture, however there are currently very few available that meet all their needs.

Many pet rat and mice owners now make their own mixtures based on the recipe book ‘The Scuttling Gourmet’ by Alison Campbell. If you want to improve the dry mixture you have chosen, the following healthy treats can be added: pasta (cooked or raw), pulses and sugar free cereals, small pieces of fruit or vegetables (such as apple, broccoli, pear or carrot), dried meal worms, dried herbs (such as the Rosewood Naturals range) and millet seed sprays that are often given to pet budgies. As mice are scavengers and naturally spend hours foraging for food, it is a good idea not to provide their food in a bowl. Instead, we recommend that you scatter a small handful around their accommodation every day.

Marie Pavaday-Pillay – Behaviour & Training Specialist – Small and Field Animals at Wood Green, The Animals Charity


Science Selective Mouse

This highly palatable, nutritionally complete diet is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of pet mice.

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Naturals Herbs Plus

An exciting treat and supplement for all small animals. It contains a balanced mix of herbs (including parsley, peppermint and red clover), grains and vegetables.

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