Have you ever thought of feeding your cat dog food? Clare Hemmings explains the dangers.


Can my cat eat dog food?

Clare says: Cats have a significantly higher protein requirement than dogs, and, additionally, their diet must include taurine, an amino acid that comes from meat.

Different meat sources provide different levels of taurine (for example, lamb provides less taurine than chicken), so not only is it important not to feed cats a vegetarian diet — despite what you may read on the internet — it’s also vital that if you prefer to home-cook for your cat, you ensure the recipe was designed by a qualified and board-certified veterinary nutritionist.

Generally, diets designed for dogs don’t meet the requirements of cats and feeding them dog food daily could potentially harm them, affecting their sight, and, in extreme cases, could even be fatal. However, if your cat likes to pinch some of your dog’s food occasionally, this will do no harm, as long as their daily diet is complete and balanced.

Clare Hemmings – Cert CFVH Nut is passionate about pet nutrition and a regular contributor to veterinary publications. She has owned many cats over the years, who have all lived well into their 20s; she attributes this to excellent nutrition. She is scientific communications manager for Royal Canin, where she has worked for 15 years.


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