How can I tell if my bunny is overweight?


My bunnies are getting belly bulges from too many treats during the festive season. How can I tell if they’re overweight, and what should I do?

Team Supreme say: It’s very common for pets to be over-indulged at Christmas, but should weight loss be top of their list of New Year’s resolutions? Different breeds can vary a lot in size, which can make it tricky to work out whether a rabbit is a healthy weight. The best option is to check their body condition score using the handy ‘rabbit size-o-meter’ from the PFMA. However, a tummy bulge is often a sign that they are carrying extra flab, and we would recommend getting veterinary advice to help rule out medical causes for weight gain.

If it’s time to cut back on the snacks, take a look at reducing treats and finding options that aren’t bound with molasses or other added sugars. Portions of food should be carefully measured, and may need reducing too. Supreme Science Selective 4+ is a great option for older buns who are getting less active, as it is lower in calories and high in fibre. This can be scattered amongst the hay to help encourage forage-feeding and get your bunnies moving. Hay should always be fed ad lib, alongside a handful of fresh leafy greens and plenty of fresh water, as it is essential for healthy teeth and digestive tracts. It is well worth the time and research to help get your rabbits back to a hoppy, healthy weight.


Supreme’s Science Selective 4+, a great option for older rabbits.

View the handy rabbit size-meter at