How to make my rabbit's home more fun


My bunny, Daisy, loves playing in her run. What can I do to make her home more fun for her?

Team Supreme say: To keep our bunnies happy, we need to give them a fun and interesting environment where they can express their natural behaviours like foraging, digging, hiding and burrowing. Fortunately, there are loads of ways you can make your bunny’s home more exciting! Tunnels are a great way of keeping your bun amused and satisfying their instincts for hiding and burrowing. You can buy special rabbit tunnels from a pet shop, or alternatively make your own from large cardboard tubes. Cardboard boxes with holes cut in them are also good hiding places, and bunnies will also appreciate a digging box filled with earth or shredded paper.

Another natural behaviour for buns is foraging, and your pet will get even more enjoyment out of their dinner if you hide it around their enclosure. Hay should make up most of a rabbit’s diet, and your bun will love foraging for this if you stuff tubes, tunnels or hidey holes with some tasty hay such as Supreme Selective Timothy Hay. Another trick is to use a muffin tray, filling the holes with hay and hiding some food or a treat at the bottom of each one. Bunnies love treats, but it’s best to feed these in moderation and choose products that aren’t too high in sugar. A fab option is Supreme Selective Naturals Woodland Loops, which contain no added sugar and can easily be hidden away for your bun to find!

Supreme Selective Timothy Hay

Packed full of natural goodness, Selective Timothy Hay is high in fibre and low in calories and calcium, meaning rabbits can eat as much of it as they like. Hay is an essential part of rabbit’s diet, keeping them healthy and their teeth in good condition.

Supreme Selective Orchard Loops

This new recipe is joining Supreme’s range of healthy high-fibre treats rich in natural ingredients. Designed for rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas, Orchard Loops combines nutritious Timothy hay with fruit flavours. Alongside these natural ingredients, the treat contains no added sugar and no artificial colours, reflecting customer demand for natural and healthy products.

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