Marie Pavaday-Pillay explains how to help a grieving guinea pig...


How do I help my guinea pig feel safe and happy when her sibling has passed away and she is now alone in her hutch?

Marie says: Losing a pet can be a very emotional time for you and the bereaved piggy. If possible, take the time to sit and talk to her in a gentle voice every day. Guinea pigs feel most comfortable when they have plenty of areas to hide, as well as lots of fresh hay and tasty treats. Although this will help her feel relaxed, she will be a lot more content with a new guinea pig companion that she can communicate with. Many rescue centres, such as Wood Green, The Animals Charity offer a mixing service for single or bereaved pets. Once your guinea pig has received a general health check by a guinea pig-friendly vet, it would be a good idea to contact your local rescue for mixing support. Female guinea pigs can be paired with another female or a castrated male.

Marie Pavaday-Pillay – Behaviour & Training Specialist – Small and Field Animals at Wood Green, The Animals Charity.


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