Marie Pavaday-Pillay explains how to keep your guinea pigs warm during winter.


How do I help my guinea pigs transition from cold to warm weather?

Marie says: During the colder months, it is likely you will have brought your guinea pigs indoors or made their outdoor area nice and cosy. As the weather starts to pick up and we move into warmer, longer days, hutch huggers and closed sheds can start to heat up too much and cause risks. If you have chosen to house your guinea pigs in a shed or Wendy house, you can use a detachable mesh door and window to allow better ventilation and keep them cooler on unexpectedly warm spring days.

If you are keeping your guinea pigs indoors, you may have chosen to bed them on fleece. Whilst this is lovely and cosy, you may find that ammonia levels can build up quicker as the room starts to heat up and the fleece will have absorbed the urine. Moving your guinea pigs onto a lighter bedding, such as newspaper – with lots of fluffy hay covering it – will be cooler, but also allow your piggies to do lots of foraging, which is their favourite activity!

Marie Pavaday-Pillay – Behaviour & Training Specialist – Small and Field Animals at Wood Green, The Animals Charity

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