Marie Pavaday-Pillay explains what hamster bedding to use...


How often should I change my hamster’s bedding? What bedding would you recommend I use for maximum comfort for him?

Marie says: Your hamster’s cage should be cleaned weekly to help reduce the risk of disease and ill health, which includes removing and replacing the substrate and bedding material. One of the safest bedding materials is cross-shredded paper that can be created by your home paper shredder. This is free and perfectly safe for your hamsters to walk on and burrow in. For their sleeping areas, you can use shredded small animal tissue paper, which is softer and available in most pet stores. You should always avoid using cotton wool-type bedding material as it can become stuck within their pouch, or wrapped around their legs, which can be fatal.

During your weekly cage clean, it’s a great opportunity to add fresh enrichment to help keep your hamsters physically and mentally stimulated. This can include items such as new tunnels, plastic children’s dolls houses, ladders, cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes and even a few hammocks. Your hamster will also benefit from their food being scattered around the cage, instead of in a bowl, to help them carry out their natural foraging behaviour.

Marie Pavaday-Pillay – Behaviour & Training Specialist – Small and Field Animals at Wood Green, The Animals Charity.


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