My rabbit doesn’t like eating hay


Is this a problem for her? If so, what can I do about it?

Team Supreme say: Our rabbit friends need to keep munching on grass or hay to stay healthy and happy. Without lots of hay to chew, their teeth can get overgrown and their delicate digestive systems may stop working properly. In fact, for bunnies to stay in tip-top condition, they should eat about a body-sized portion of hay per day! 

But what if your bunny doesn’t want to munch their hay? There are a few things you can do to encourage them to eat more of this high-fibre food. Firstly, make sure that you offer their diet in the right proportions. This means a carefully measured small portion of concentrate food and a handful of fresh greens alongside unlimited hay. Secondly, think about what type of hay you’re offering, as rabbits can have strong opinions on what they do and don’t like! It’s best to pick high-quality hay that tastes delicious and smells fresh. Supreme Selective Timothy Hay comes fresh from the fields as the fi rst cut of the year, and the Timothy grass is carefully chosen to produce the largest and tastiest seed heads that rabbits love. 

Another option for rabbits who don’t eat enough hay is to offer Supreme Science Naturals Fibafirst — this is a new type of diet that locks the benefi ts of hay into tasty nuggets. By giving this as the main diet or a tempting topping, you can encourage your picky pal to enjoy the taste and smell of hay.

Supreme Selective Naturals Fibafirst 

Fibafirst is ideal for rabbits that need an extra-high fi bre diet to enhance their dental and digestive well-being. It can help rabbits that don’t eat enough hay and can be fed as a daily diet, a tasty topper, or as a delicious treat to encourage good behaviour.

Supreme Selective Timothy Hay 

Packed full of natural goodness, Selective Timothy Hay is high in fi bre and low in calories and calcium, meaning rabbits can eat as much of it as they like. Hay is an essential part of rabbit’s diet, keeping them healthy and their teeth in good condition.

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