Would you like to prevent your cat from bringing home mice? Kim Houston explains more...


My cat tends to bring home his prey and leave it in front of the front door. I am petrified of mice, please advise me on how I can get him to stop bringing his prey home.

Kim says: Although you may find your cat’s hunting behaviour challenging to deal with, it is part of his natural behavioural repertoire.

What we have to remember is that cats are natural-born hunters first and foremost. Millions of years of evolution have given them the senses, behaviours, and body to be very successful at this. They are designed to catch their own food and are extremely well-equipped for this task, possessing great coordination, heightened senses, and the ability to kill prey efficiently. A cat’s prey drive is so strong that even the most well-fed cat will naturally enjoy hunting and capturing birds and rodents.

The most successful way to control your cat’s desire to hunt is by providing an alternative outlet for this behaviour. Try engaging your little boy in several daily interactive play sessions with toys that resemble birds and mice, such as feathers or fur on the end of a fishing rod-style toy. This will help to fulfil his hunting desires, without damaging the local wildlife population. Additionally, keep your cat indoors between dusk and dawn when birds and small creatures are most active. Bring him in at least an hour before sunset and only let him back out an hour after sunrise — especially between March and July when baby birds may be out of the nest waiting to be fed.

Kim Houston – BSc (Hons), Dip (AS) CABC, CCAB is a consultant in feline behaviour. She works with clients throughout the UK, helping to resolve cat behaviour problems. Find out more at www.cat-astrophes.com


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