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PPM provides an enormous range of bespoke promotional opportunities for brands looking to get their products noticed by the independent retail trade. If you are looking to open up new wholesale listings, build direct stocking relationships with retailers or promote new or updated products, PPM is the perfect place to get your message out.

Our A3 pages enable you to make a bigger shout than in any other pet trade title and also allow for creative opportunities like bellybands and cover wraps to have significantly more impact. In addition to the main magazine which is published ten times a year, we also produce a number of supplements that cover more specific areas of the industry, for example ‘The Treats Guide’.


This is an opportunity for a brand to tell their story from day one to the present day. Presented across a double-page spread, the piece features an advertorial timeline marking key moments in the history of the company on the first page. The second page is then a current advertisement so it follows a chronological order from left to right.

Being involved in a ‘Behind the Brand’ piece will give you a chance to explain the humble beginnings of the company, remind the trade of the key products and innovations that your company is responsible for and highlight the steps the brand have made to get to the position they are in today. This is a really engaging piece that has always attracted attention as well as providing a platform for brands to not only showcase their heritage, but inform on their future.


This is a full page piece that extends on the regular ‘Product Watch’ section of the magazine and is intended for big product launches that require a louder shout.

Over an advertorial page, you have the opportunity to really sell all of the benefits of stocking the product as well as including plenty of images – don’t forget, it’s an A3 page so you have far more room than you would ordinarily expect.



This is a 10cm width strip that runs around the middle of the magazine and is glue-dotted into the centrefold. You take control of the design of the belly band itself and both pages of the centrefold as well.

The way it is constructed, the bellyband ensures that the magazine is first opened to the centrefold so the exposure from this is enormous. If you need to make the loudest of loud shouts about your company/product, this is unmistakeably the way to do it.


PPM 2021
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