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The communication between pet brands and pet retailer

PPM is the UK’s leading platform for pet retailers, providing comprehensive awareness of new products and innovation to stay ahead of the trends and sell the most relevant products to today’s pet owner.

If you want to reach the people who hold the buying power, PPM is the resource you need. We offer personalised promotional packages that can effectively spread your message through print, digital, and social media.

The best package starts with an initial query… we’ll ask a few questions about your business, expectations and budget, and provide you the ideal marketing solution. Give Stephen or Andrea a call:

We make marketing your pet products easy!

We tailor campaigns on multi-platforms and different channels to reach specific audiences. If you want to reach 1000s of independent pet retailers, or appeal straight to the pet owner… we have it covered.

We are your Number 1 pet market media partner

New product to launch? We can arrange one our trusted brands to create a video review and promote your product to our own audience reach (built through reliable, trusted content via Your Dog, Your Cat and Practical Fishkeeping brands), and/or blog posts/newsletter, plus print/online advertising. Pet Product Marketing’s own trade magazine and website also offers exposure to the pet retailer for wholesale opportunities.

Reach the wider market

Our services extend to the wider sphere of Google advertising and selected third party websites, to make reaching the widest quality audience as easy and simple for you. We’ll monitor statistics, adjust performance, maximise opportunity and work within your budgeted scale.

Creative Opportunities

Discover the best advertising options for your budget with PPM. Our goal is to help you succeed and reach our high-quality audience of pet retailers with maximum impact. As the only pet trade magazine to print in A3, we offer big, BIG adverts that will catch the eye of potential customers.

But that's not all. We also offer a variety of editorial opportunities and creative marketing options to further enhance your advertising efforts. For example:

First Look

This is what PPM does best! Do you have an exciting new launch coming? Let’s shout about it with a ‘First Look’ feature. A full page A3 advertorial gives you the space for as much wording and imagery as you will need and is the ideal high impact platform to showcase a new product.

Behind the Brand/Talking Trade

Were you the first to start a trend that changed the industry? What inspires your company vision? How your brand began? Your brand's story will be a source of inspiration for many. Our skilled journalists will write a full feature into your brand's journey and share it with the world. This is a unique opportunity for us to feature your brand and highlight the people and successes to our audience.

Unique ‘stand outs’

Looking for a powerful way to make your message stand out? We offer innovative marketing techniques that will spark conversations and grab attention. Our options include bold bellybands that wrap around the magazine (and lead readers to a centre-spread message). Alternatively, we can place your ads on our postal wrap or showcase your products with info-graphics and video talks. With our team of creative experts, we'll work with you to find the perfect solution for your budget. Let's make your message unforgettable.

Win Stock

Twice yearly, in collaboration with the PATS Trade Show, we host a highly anticipated competition that offers one lucky retailer the chance to win thousands of pounds worth of stock for their shop. This competition has become widely recognized within the trade and provides an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their products to a targeted audience. By participating in this competition, brands have the chance to promote their product offerings and increased their visibility and exposure that comes from being associated with a well-established industry event.

Multimedia channels

The PPM email newsletter achieves a high open rate and is sent to a high quality/selected audience. Where our magazine is the ‘go to’ source of product news (in print and digital formats), our newsletters offer weekly updates and insights direct to the retailer’s inbox. Editorial support is instinctively offered across print and online, with options for multi-positional display ads across our website.

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