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April/May 2020

Welcome back!

As we go to press, the government is recommending the avoidance of all unnecessary social movement and advising people to stay at home. Coronavirus cases are still relatively low in numbers in the UK, yet judging by the estimations on the speed of infections, this will have significantly increased by the time PPM arrives to you.

Health is always our number one priority, and we wish all our readers good health and (for anyone who catches it) a speedy recovery. As a publication dedicated to supporting independent pet businesses, the rapid change in the economy will also bring anxiety to many, although how much disruption there will be to the pet industry currently remains unclear.

For now, we can only provide some light distraction with our usual and informative pet care advice, plus product awareness and industry news.

The pet industry has always been a wonderful community to be part of and I can’t imagine anything other than a joint, communitive spirit to see us through 2020.

Stay safe, and look after each other.

Beth Andrews, assistant editor -