Animology have re-invented their range of concentrated shampoos for professional groomers, proving the best things really do come in small packages.

Animology is already popular with groomers, many of whom have used the brand’s 5 litre, 20:1 concentrate shampoos with great success for some time. These are now being replaced by Animology’s new generation of 2.5 litre, 40:1 concentrate shampoos, in a move that halves the physical size of the products, but doubles the concentration level, providing just as much washing capacity as the more bulky 5 litre bottle, but with only half the weight and packaging. There are 10 concentrated shampoos in Animology’s new 2.5 litre line-up, along with a ready to use conditioner. In addition to being more economical, these new products are also cheaper.

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