Arcadia launch revolutionary LumenIZE brand


The brand will help animal welfare and helps reduce energy consumption

New product news from Arcadia Reptile...

Arcadia Reptile is delighted to unveil what is the culmination of nearly 10 years R&D within their latest brand evolution ‘LumenIZE’.

The LumenIZE brand has been created to increase animal welfare globally, allow keepers to have full control of their lighting systems, and to help lower energy use by an average of 30% per lamp. The range consists as a global exclusive and for the first time of fully controllable T5 UV-B lamps and LED plant growth lamps in ALL of the usual sizes.

LumenIZE enabled devices use APP control to create wild-like sunrise/sunset patterns, can be used to create seasonality and help professional keepers fine tune UV Index, lux and PAR outputs, all from one simple and highly intuitive FREE APP.

The whole range has been updated to the IP65 standard for water resistance and includes a brand new ‘easy change’ locking T5 lamp holder mechanism which speeds up the lamp change process and reduces accidental damage. Up to 50 devices can be individually controlled from a single device, be password protected, named and adjusted easily via Bluetooth connection. Each kit has a built-in memory and battery backup. This will protect system and animals during power outage and removes the need to reprogramme after these events.

John Courteney-Smith says: "The creation of and release of the LumenIZE range is a pivotal moment for Arcadia Reptile and animal welfare alike. Historic systems of care meant that animals are exposed to near midday levels of energy at the flick of a switch each day and are then plunged into darkness unnaturally at the end of the day,, each day. We view this as being highly unnatural, not ‘wild-like’ and can be viewed as a stressor. Circadian rhythm is a core principle within the biological sciences, with animals requiring slow change to energy values during the day. LumenIZE will not only allow smooth and wild-like control of UV-B and LED systems easily for the first time, but they will also allow the creation of seasons which can promote and support better wellbeing and breeding. Everything about LumenIZE has been designed to support animal welfare and keepers, being more accurate in supply and lowering energy use. I have been working on this project for nearly a decade and I am delighted with all that it is and all that it can do for animals."

Monkfield Nutrition MD Mr Jo wise says: "I have been excited to see the progress of this brand and all that it means for the Arcadia Reptile brand going forwards. Change is very much needed to help protect and preserve reptile keeping, improve animal welfare and lower costs for keepers. As such we have invested in and supported the brand as they created not only a new product range, but a new evolution within the brand. This is a brand that seeks to push boundaries so that animal welfare increases and be inclusive globally."