Aroma Care Solutions launches new pet odour remover and refresher


The most anticipated dog show in the UK takes place every year to showcase the best breeds and pampered pooches, all competing for the champion title – and this year’s show is about to take place, meaning it’s time to get your pets possessions gleaming like the professionals. Aroma Care Solutions introduce their new product…

Whilst we often adore watching our pets play blissfully with their toys, any animal owner knows they eventually begin to smell and look a little worse for wear. It’s thought that pet toys are among the top 10 “germiest” home items, carrying everything from yeast to mould and bacteria. Consequently, this bad bacteria leaves a wealth of pesky pongs, difficult to get rid of. 

Bio one’s™ pet odour remover and refresher is the perfect solution to eliminate those scandalous stinks. Enlisting the help of the vegan-formulated cleaner can ensure your pet’s stuffed-toys, rubber balls and ropes are left smelling fresh once more. Simply spray their possessions liberally with Bio one™ to remove any mess. Make sure the toy is damp, leaving it to dry naturally or wipe dry. And because our four-legged-friends carry their toys in their mouth, it’s important to avoid using chemical cleaning products. Bio one’s™ eco-friendly formula is free from harsh chemicals, meaning you can clean without worry. 

Bio one™ also makes adding your pet’s toys to the cleaning to-do list super simple by removing the need for other pet cleaning products. Versatile, it can be used on hard and soft surfaces, from pet beds to collars, leads to chewy toys. Bio one™ is a one-stop-shop allowing you to declutter your cleaning cupboards and save money. 

Catherine Hevey, Director of Administration at Aroma Care Solutions said “We are extremely proud of our Bio one™ pet odour remover + refresher. It’s 100% natural formula uses the power of nature to completely eliminate pongy pet smells, leaving behind a beautiful aroma of lemon and neroli. It truly is a fantastic cleaning solution for a pet owner’s home”.

Bio one™ pet odour remover + refresher Starter Pack bundle, £18.95

Includes 250ml bottle of concentrate (makes 1.9 litres of solution), microfibre cloth and mix and spray bottle.

The Bio one™ range is available to buy now exclusively on including their fantastic starter pack bundles with free professional grade microfibre cloths plus a free mix + spray bottle included, as well as eco refill bottles.