Beaphar IntestoPro paste for cats and dogs


Beaphar has added IntestoPro Paste for cats and dogs to its range, which helps soothe sensitive tummies and firms up loose stools caused by digestive disturbances. 

The product contains natural active ingredients, including Zeolite which thickens stools by absorbing excess moisture, and FOS and MOS added prebiotics which support natural intestinal function. Beaphar IntestoPro comes in a highly palatable, easy-to-use paste form, making it simple for pet owners to administer. Dr Sue Huggett, business manager for Beaphar UK, said: “Our new Beaphar IntestoPro Paste is not only highly palatable, but comes in an easy-to-use, graduated syringe so pet owners can easily give their pet the correct amount. It offers a simple and effective way for pet owners to soothe their pet’s sensitive tummies when they need it most.” 

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