Burns’ brand-new weaning food


Burns First Steps Chicken & Rice will launch at Crufts

New product news from Burns Pet Nutrition...

Burns Pet Nutrition is thrilled to announce that it will be releasing a new weaning food for puppies, Burns First Steps Chicken & Rice, which will be launched officially at Crufts.

The new food has been carefully crafted to give your puppies the best start during this important stage of development. Burns’ new offering contains more animal protein in comparison to their other puppy foods and is designed to soak into a porridge-like consistency, making it highly digestible for young puppies. Made in the UK, with fresh chicken, no artificial colourings or wheat and a simple recipe, it is also very easily digested making it ideal for sensitive stomachs.  Burns First Steps Chicken & Rice is also suitable for a nursing mother, providing them with all they will need when their energy needs are the highest.

Burns is committed to ensuring young puppies are ready to be introduced to one of the Burns puppy foods when they move on to new families. Using the right weaning food is vital to ensure your puppy stays happy and healthy before moving on to a new home. Burns also supports breeders with its puppy packs and is there with dog owners from the start with the Puppy Club initiative, in which members receive free food, expert advice from nutritionists and exclusive gifts.

The new weaning food will be available exclusively through the Burns Breeder Partnership. Those at Crufts keen to try the new weaning food first can find Burns in Hall 3, stand 30. 

Burns Breeder Manager Aileen Coull said: “We work closely with breeders across the UK and have been asked for a healthy and nutritious weaning product to help transition puppies onto puppy food. We’re excited to launch this new product for breeders at Crufts, myself and our nutritional team will be at Crufts so please come by to find out more or for any nutritional advice.”  

 To find out more, visit https://burnspet.co.uk/ or to find your local sales rep, visit https://burnspet.co.uk/stockists-home/