Carnilove launches new dog food and treats


Reigate, UK – BSB Products, the UK distributors for Carnilove dog and cat foods, introduce three brand-new Carnilove dog products.

True Fresh dog food is a fresh meat kibble that perfectly preserves properties of fresh meat; True Fresh Raw Freeze-Dried Snacks, which are made with 100% human grade ingredients; and Meat Jerky Snacks, which contain 90% meat.

All of these new Carnilove dog foods and snacks deliver irresistible taste, are grain- and potato-free to satisfy dogs’ instinctive love of meat. New True Fresh dog food is made with innovative new processing methods that enables the kibble to be made entirely from fresh meat.

Colin Rodger, Managing Director of BSB products, says: “Research shows that 70% of dogs prefer fresh meat kibble, like Carnilove True Fresh, which delivers the benefits of BARF with the convenience of dry food. Dog owners are increasingly turning away from conventional dry kibble and choosing to feed raw or alternative dry foods, according to All About Dog Food. True Fresh dog food offers something entirely different from the market, thanks to the innovative processing methods that delivers entirely fresh meat in a handy form. Both the True Fresh range and the new Meat Jerky Snacks meet owner demand for high quality foods that contain superior ingredients.”

Carnilove True Fresh Dog Food:

  • 60% fresh meat
  • 40% vegetables, fruits, herbs and superfoods
  • No cereals, potatoes or GMOs
  • 95% palatability

True Fresh dog food is available in three recipes: Fresh Fish with Chickpeas & Apples, Fresh Beef with Peas & Pumpkin and Fresh Turkey with Red Lentils & Lemna

SRP for 1.4kg bag of True Fresh Dog food starts at £13.95

Carnilove True Fresh Raw Freeze Dried Snacks:

  • 100% human grade ingredients
  • 100% freeze dried and made from fresh meat only
  • Single Animal Protein
  • NO Artificial preservatives, flavour, colouring, salts added
  • Grain-free and potato-free

Carnilove True Fresh Raw Freeze Dried Snacks come in two flavours: Rabbit with pumpkin & Duck with red fruits and the SRP for a 40g bag of is £4.95

Carnilove Meat Jerky:

  • 90% fresh meat
  • Contain NO wheat, rice, corn, soy, potatoes
  • Enriched with forest fruits and contain Natural antioxidants only
  • Provide an irresistible taste

Carnilove Meat Jerky comes in four fillet flavours (Turkey with Venison Fillet, Duck with Herring Fillet, Lamb with Salmon Fillet, Beef & Beef Muscle Fillet) and four bar flavours (Turkey & Rabbit, Chicken with Pheasant, Chicken & Wild Boar, Chicken with Quail)

The SRP for a 100g bar or fillet of Carnilove Meat Jerky is £3.95.