Catmax straw pellet cat litter


Catmax Straw Pellett Cat Litter provides UK cat owners, with British-made eco-friendly litter.

New product from Bedmax...

Bedmax Ltd, Britain’s leading manufacturer of horse bedding has developed a sustainable cat litter.

Catmax is a straw pellet, completely natural, ultra-absorbent, economical, non-clumping, and compostable litter suitable for all types of cats and kittens. Catmax contains no chemical additives whatsoever and is available on pallets of 65 x 15kg, fully recyclable bags.

Made from high quality UK straw, that’s chopped, crushed, dust extracted, and pressurised into 6mm pellets Catmax is a highly effective straw pellet cat litter specifically designed to absorb an extraordinary amount of moisture. This is a long-lasting litter which is easy to clean out, with little loss of material. The residue composts very quickly and can be returned to the soil, which is an environmental benefit rising to the top of many customers’ selection criteria.  

For 23 years, Bedmax Ltd has led the way in the development of beddings that help owners manage their horses’ waste in their stables, and in giving background to Catmax, Tim Smalley the company’s Managing Director said: “Our aim has always been to offer customers completely natural products that help them keep their animals healthy, hygienic, and happy with the minimum of effort, cost, and impact on the environment. Cat owners will find that Catmax ticks every one of those boxes, and we hope very much that their pets agree.”

Catmax comes with outstanding endorsements from owners, breeders, and catteries who have trialled these straw pellets prior to its launch, including Jenny Gilchrist of Romanno Purrfect Palace Cattery near Biggar in Scotland.

“I am extremely pleased with Catmax. I breed Maine Coons, one of the largest domestic cat breeds and run a busy commercial cattery. The Catmax pellets are much superior to other products I have tried. They’re very easy to use, they’re not dusty, they absorb the wet matter and they’re very eco-friendly for disposal. I would highly recommend this product.”

Further information about Catmax can be found at or by contacting the Company’s National Sales Manager Suzi Law on [email protected].