Ceva extends ADAPTIL® range with the launch of ADAPTIL® Chew


Ceva Animal Health has extended its leading behaviour range, ADAPTIL®, with the launch of ADAPTIL® Chew, the new fast-calming chew for dogs. They explain more about the launch here...

The premium, fast-acting and tasty chew calms dogs when facing stressful situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, visits to the vet and grooming sessions.  It quickly helps to relax dogs if given at least 30 minutes before an expected event1 and the handy, soft chew is non-addictive and can be given like a treat directly from an owner’s hand.

The enhanced formula comprises of key calming ingredients to keep dogs relaxed without drowsiness and there are only 11 calories per chew.  Consisting of colostrum, green tea extract (L-theanine), L-tryptophan and thiamine (Vitamin B1), the colostrum’s bioactive molecules work together to provide a calming effect on any age dog, while the green tea extract is an amino acid that increases the release of GABA which plays a role in relaxation.  The L-tryptophan in the chew is an essential amino acid which the body uses to make serotonin which effects mood regulation, impulse control and the sleep/wake cycle and is involved in general feelings of happiness and wellbeing and the thiamine is essential for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

“Approximately 50 per cent of dogs demonstrate at least one sign of fear when exposed to loud noises2, with 80 per cent of owners reporting that their dog finds various situations challenging3,” comments Abigail King, senior behaviour product manager at Ceva Animal Health.  “The calming pet supplements’ sector is the most important growth sector in the pet supplement market and with an increase in concern about pet wellness, together with a surge in dog adoption due to COVID-19, easy to give and effective calming products such as ADAPTIL Chew will be welcome additions to the market.”

An ADAPTIL Chew should be used daily or as needed at times of increased stress; half a chew should be given to dogs weighing less than 15kg, one chew should be given to dogs weighing between 16 and 30kg and two chews to dogs over 30kg.  This is in addition to a dog’s daily food.  There are 30 chews in each pack and each pack has a shelf life of 24 months from production.

For further information on ADAPTIL Chew or ADAPTIL’s popular range of behaviour products which also includes ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser, ADAPTIL Calm On-The-Go Collar, ADAPTIL Transport and ADAPTIL Junior visit www.adaptil.com/uk