Cotswold RAW partners with GWF Nutrition to offer complete raw cat food


Award-winning dog food brand Cotswold RAW has partnered with leading supplement specialist GWF Nutrition to launch a range of complete meals for cats with added Raw Aid for Cats.  

New product news from Cotswold RAW and GWF Nutrition. 

The range is designed to provide a fresh high protein raw diet with the added benefits of Raw Aid for Cats, providing 26 additional vitamins & minerals. The meals, initially available in Chicken and Turkey flavour, provide the convenience of a packaged food with the balanced nutrition of a natural raw diet.  

Cotswold RAW managing director Mark Lewis said, “We are delighted to be able to offer a complete raw food for cats that is setting a new standard in terms of the quality of nutrition for today’s cat owner. It’s a growing area of the market, both in terms of raw feeding and cat ownership and has already been very popular with our retail stockists.

“We were very keen to work with GWF Nutrition in particular as one of the industry’s leading specialist manufacturers creating the highest quality of pet supplements available today. Their unique mini pellet format also made this easy to integrate into our production processes.”

Wesley Habershon, technical director at GWF Nutrition said, “We’re really excited to be working with Cotswold RAW on this superb new range of quality complete cat food. I am excited about trying it for my own cat too! We were able to offer an adjusted formulation of our popular supplement Raw Aid for Cats & Dogs that fitted with the production requirements and a quick turnaround to get this exciting new product to market. Ultimately, it’s about getting the best nutrition to the nation’s animals and this is a great step for our feline population.”