Fat2Fin low-calorie complete food for dogs


Tasty low calorie complete dog food for overweight dogs.

Lockdown hasn’t just resulted in humans gaining weight, the nation’s dogs have also packed on the pounds. CSJ are introducing 2kg packs of new Fat2Fin, their tasty low-calorie complete food targeted at overweight or greedy dogs, and those prone to weight gain.

Rich in white fi sh and rice and including benefi cial ingredients, such as salmon oil, turmeric, and natural antioxidents, Fat2Fin supports digestive health, aids healthy cholesterol levels, and helps to satisfy hunger cravings.

Quality combined with cost-effectiveness is at the core of CSJ’s ethos and Fat2Fin is the ideal way to slim dogs and food budgets at the same time. You can order a special introductory 2kg pack from the CSJ website.