Felight Odour Control Litter Fresh Spray


Keep cat litter trays fresher for longer.

Felight Odour Control Litter Fresh Spray uses odour encapsulating technology to target those nasty urine smells. Fast and effective odour encapsulating technology that helps to quickly eliminate litter odours, and helps maintain hygiene of your home and cat waste environment for longer. The spray does not cause litter to clump and can be used in conjunction with FelightCat Litter and Accessories.

PPM reviews:

“Felight offers great odour control and comes in a 300ml bottle. It’s bright looking with a clear label explaining the product’s use.

“One of the top 10 popular questions on our sister publication’s website, www.yourcat.co.uk, is how to keep a house smelling fresh, and how to keep litter odour to a minimum. This product works well, and is sprayed directly on the litter (suitable for all litter types) and has a ‘baby fresh smell’ – exactly how I would describe it! It’s a pleasant smell, not overbearing and certainly smells fresh. This product would appeal to all cat owners, but in particular the growing trend for indoor cats where litter trays are in common use. Our two cat testers were not put off by the spray and continued to use the litter trays as normal.”