First Look: BIONIC dog toys


Introducing BIONIC, the durable dog toys that last!

As most retailers know, a dog owner loves to treat their canine companion to a new toy occasionally, knowing full well that it might not last the day!

BIONIC is a unique range of dog toys which were originally designed for one specific dog in mind; Duke, who made it his mission to demolish toys as soon as he saw them!

Back in 2006, Duke’s owner and the creator of BIONIC crafted and produced a selection of different toys that have undergone vigorous tests throughout the years to ensure that they have the tail wagging durability that dog owners want, and now you can get your hands on them through Rolf C Hagen.

Scan the QR code to watch a recent testing video and have your mind blown!

These tough, colourful dog toys are made from ultra durable, FDA food grade BIONIC rubber, which is free from harmful substances such as lead, BPA ad phthalates, making them ideal for dogs with allergies.

Pet owners want toys that are suitable for different activities to make it worth their value. BIONIC toys not only float in water but they also bounce! It makes them the perfect dog toys for Spring and Summer when long walks and swimming pools are top of the fun agenda.

The core range

BIONIC consists of 5 different shaped products, with 3 available in multiple sizes to suit different dog breeds:

  • BIONIC Urban Stick is an interactive dog toy that enables pet owners to add treats to either side of the toy for extra enjoyment.
  • BIONIC Ball is fantastic for those fetch games in the park as they are built to last.
  • BIONIC Bone satisfies the chewers as the bone stimulates a dog’s senses with thick ridges and large chew areas, as well as having the added bonus of treat pockets like the Urban Stick.
  • BIONIC Toss-N-Tug is the most popular toy within the range, and we can certainly see why! It’s the ultimate item for a game of fetch or for pool time in the summer.
  • BIONIC Stuffer helps dogs with separation anxiety issues as the toy keeps on surprising your pet with hidden treats while they are on their own.

Retail Support

BIONIC will be fully supported by a full suite of in-store display materials, social media activity, as well as digital and print advertising.

The range only launched last month but demand has already been high so make sure your store doesn’t miss out!

For trade enquiries and for more information on BIONIC, visit or speak to your Hagen Sales Manager.