Furr Boost launches new smoothie drink for dogs


The new smoothie drink from Furr Boost will provide healthy hydration to dogs this summer. They explain more about the new product here...

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Much of the UK press is reporting the nation is set for the ‘hottest summer ever’ with ‘at least five heatwaves’ on the horizon. Whilst this may be good news for holidaymakers, this is not necessarily good news for our four-legged friends.

Dogs can very easily suffer from heat stroke in the summer months which can become fatal if preventative methods are not adhered to. Avoiding exercising your dog in the heat of the day, locking them in parked vehicles unattended, keeping them out of direct sunlight and providing them with cooling mats, cooling jackets or paddling pools are all ways to keep your dog safe in the hot weather, but most importantly, you should also keep your dog hydrated.

One new pet food brand to tackle the issue of healthy hydration is Furr Boost, manufacturers of a selection of new smoothie drinks created by a former technical manager to the food industry with over 20 years’ experience, Louise Toal.

Louise’s Beagle, Phoebe at the age of 18 months became unwell with bladder problems which after investigations with her vet, were linked to the dog’s food. Using her technical background, Louise then started experimenting with protein shakes to help flush out Phoebe’s system and to provide her with the hydration that she needed when she was refusing to drink enough water in the summer months. This led to the creation of the Furr Boost range of smoothies.

Louise says:

“There is no one else making a product like ours. Yes, there are drinks on the market that are botanical, broth based and electrolyte based etc, but none that are like a natural smoothie. Each of our recipes contains a meat, fruit and vegetable, along with added oils and vitamins, so it’s more than a hydration drink, it supports the dog’s wellbeing in areas such as digestion, skin and coat, anxiety, metabolism and immunity.”

Furr Boost can be used in a variety of ways. Served frozen, it can be placed in a Kong Toy or lick mat for dog training or as a distraction, or simply given to a dog as a tasty icy treat. Unfrozen, it can be added as a topper to meals or on hot days, simply pour into a bowl for instant hydration.

Furr Boost is available in three tasty varieties which all use the best quality 100% natural human grade ingredients: Chicken, Butternut Squash & Cranberry, Pork, Apple & Sweet Potato and Beef, Broccoli & Blueberry. Other added ingredients include flaxseed, coconut and salmon oils, dried sea kelp, chicory root extract, yeast beta glucan, vitamins B&C and water.

Furr Boost is also a sustainable product using packaging materials which are recyclable avoiding single use plastic as each smoothie is available in a Tetra Pak Carton.

Since launching, Furr Boost has seen its customer base grow online with a healthy presence on e-commerce websites but it is also now looking to expand its retail operation. The business is receiving a high level of international enquiries for the drinks and is currently exploring export opportunities. There also plans to introduce new varieties in the near future. The brand is supported by a number of ambassadors and social media influencers and currently sponsors British Flyball Teams, Dog Agility competitors with interest also from the Canicross community who use the drinks to give their dogs instant hydration.

Not only are the drinks ideal for active dogs but they are also great to give senior dogs when they are nearing the end of their lives as they provide comfort and balanced nutrition.

Furr Boost has a busy schedule of shows to attend for the rest of the year including county and dog shows. As Louise concludes,

“Our ultimate aim is to be a global business and a household brand that people can trust.  Using Furr Boost as part of a dog’s daily nutrition and diet can help to keep the vets bills down for unnecessary health issues associated with food and lack of hydration, which was exactly where I started with my first dog.”

For further information visit: www.furrboost.com

For trade enquiries contact Louise Toal on Tel: 01746 785 410 email: [email protected] or visit the wholesale page: www.furrboost.com/wholesale