HabiStat, part of the supplier of live and frozen foods, Monkfield Nutrition, has introduced the HabiStat Livefood Care Pack as the perfect solution to extending the lifespan of livefood for reptiles and amphibians.

Jamie Blackstone brand manager at HabiStat, said: “Keeping livefood nourished and hydrated is key to extending their lifespan and by doing so provides reptiles and amphibians with quality livefood to thrive on. As reptile keepers we have a responsibility to make it as easy as possible to accomplish this, which lead us to creating the HabiStat Livefood Care Pack.”

The Livefood Care Pack comprises of two pre-existing HabiStat products: one pot of HabiStat Insecta Shot (15g) and one pot of HabiStat H2O Balls (20g). The Insecta Shot is filled with vitamins, calcium, protein, amino acids, and oils, all designed to give livefood the nutrition they need to stay as healthy as possible. The H2O Balls provide much needed hydration; they supply a solid form of moisture for insects to drink and eliminate the risk of drowning!

Easy to display, the Livefood Care Pack is a convenient size, making it great to show off at the tillpoint, on a shelf or even on a clip strip thanks to its euro slot design.

The Livefood Care pack is available to purchase in packs of 10 or 32.

Wholesale enquiries: Monkfield Nutrition.

W: www.habistat.co.uk