HayPigs!® 100% Timothy Hay 1kg


Haypigs launches new potato starch bag containing no plastic!

It’s no secret that Timothy Hay is a popular choice for many small animals. It has larger seed heads, leaves, and stems than other grasses and is packed full of the good stuff. With its incredible aromas, varied textures and tastes, and high fibre content, Haypigs think your small furries will love it too! As well as being great for their digestive systems, the long, crunchy stems will help keep their teeth worn down and minds stimulated.

What’s more, the clever people at HayPigs!® have come up with a bag that is made from 100% potato starch and contains no plastic what-so-ever! A bag made for your little furry potatoes that is made out of potatoes — surely a match made in heaven!

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