Hill’s Pet Nutrition has combined their Science Plan Small and Miniature, and the Mini ranges to create a new Science Plan Small and Mini range.

Small breed dogs are very special and because of their size they live longer. Hill’s Science Plan Small and Mini foods are made with the ingredients and nutrients that work with a small dog’s biology. Hill’s cutting-edge nutrition, using predictive biology, supports small dogs at every life stage and helps keep them healthy for years to come. The right nutrition can make small transformations each day that lead to a happy and healthy life.

Hill’s Science Plan Small and Mini, for dog’s under 10kg, provides easy-to-digest nutrition tailored for small dogs.

Size and shape matter, too. Hill’s Science Plan Small and Mini comes in a smaller disk-shaped kibble that’s specially designed to fit a small dog’s delicate mouth.

The range includes products for all life stages and also those that address specific needs, including sensitive digestion, weight, anxiety and stress.

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