Honest 2 Nature® insect suet cake 


Unipet international, manufacturers of the coveted Suet To Go® wild bird food products, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest brand Honest 2 Nature®. The initial launch of the Honest 2 Nature® brand includes a single insect suet cake packed in a shelf ready pack (UNIP01-10893-A) and a 10-pack value option (UNIP01-10892-A).

Focusing on sustainability, the project began in a bid to produce a wild bird insect suet cake that is packaged with no plastic, as well as using locally-sourced ingredients. With the company already manufacturing high-quality, human-grade suet products, this was the natural next step for them; to produce the same quality wild bird food, while thinking more deeply about their impact on the environment.

Ninety-eight percent of the Honest 2 Nature® ingredients are sourced in the UK, with the insect being supplied by their strategic partner, Protix, who are based in the Netherlands. As world leaders in sustainable supply of insect and insect protein, Protix were the obvious fit in terms of what the new brand represents, as well as what Unipet International are striving to achieve with their entire range in the future.

CEO of Unipet, Andrew Ball says, “It has taken 18 months to find a replacement for the plastic element of the packaging, making sure it’s genuinely OPRL approved and suitable for home waste recycling.”

Andrew continues: “We really hope this is the start of a transition across all of our suet products going forwards. We have always been leaders in high-quality suet wild bird food products and, with the shift in society towards sustainable practices, it’s time for us to continue being at the forefront of innovation.”

Honest 2 Nature is available from most pet speciality distributors or for more information, email [email protected]