Lily’s Kitchen launches new Puppy Starter Pack


Introducing a new pet is a joy for everyone but there’s lots to think about, from puppy-proofing your home and where they’ll sleep to what toys to buy and where to go for those first walkies. And of course, what to feed the cuddliest member of the family?

Giving your new pup the best start in life also means giving them the best food you can to help them develop and grow, keep them healthy, and get that tail wagging at mealtimes. Lily’s Kitchen has packed a whole lot of love into its new Puppy Starter Pack (1.66kg), designed to give your little pup the very best start in life.

Each pack contains a range of mouth-watering Lily’s Kitchen meals and treats made from proper, freshly prepared meat, scrumptious fruit and veg and botanicals and herbs — all suitable for pups from eight weeks old.

What’s inside: 1 x 1kg dry food ‘Chicken & Salmon’ 4 x 150g wet food ‘Chicken, Potatoes & Carrots’ and ‘Turkey, Duck & Kale’ 1 x 60g treats ‘Chicken & White Fish Slices’

All recipes are designed to be soft on young tums and are made from top quality, natural ingredients, all chosen for their high nutritional content to help your four-legged friend grow big and strong. From tempting wet food to kibble that's perfectly sized for little mouths, this pack will make the transition on to Lily’s Kitchen’s healthy delicious food really easy.

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