Meripac launches a new concept in window feeders


Meripac is pleased to announce the launch of their unique, patented Pigeon-proof Window Bird Feeder as an addition to their existing range of wild bird care products which are “Made in Britain”.

Latest new product news from Meripac.

Image above: 32mm mesh gaps.

The Pigeon Guard is a metal cage with adjustable size openings which fits onto the seed tray of a Meripac Window Feeder. It also allows owners at any time to choose and to change whether to exclude starlings or to allow them access to the seed tray.

The gaps in the front of the cage can be varied easily between 28mm and 58mm using our patented double-mesh system.

  • 32mm mesh gaps welcome Tits, Wrens, Finches, Robins, Sparrows and Nuthatches.
  • 40mm mesh gaps welcome Redstarts.
  • 45mm mesh gaps welcome Starlings and Blackbirds.

The gaps in the sides of the cage are fixed at 34mm.

Pigeons, Seagulls, Magpies and Jackdaws require a gap of 60mm plus.

Image above: 58mm mesh gaps.

The Pigeon Guard is easy to install without using tools or any special skills. It does not need to be removed when cleaning and refilling the seed tray.

It pays for itself quickly in saved bird food and avoided irritation.

For further product details, prices and availability please contact us at [email protected]