Natural Cornish Pet expands range of natural dog treats


Natural Cornish Pet winners of the Best Independent Pet Retailer of the Year 2021 in the PetQuip Awards has added to their range of natural treats by introducing two new varieties of 100% sweet potato treats.

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Packed full of chewy goodness, Sweet Potato Chunks and Fries offer a natural low fat treat option for dogs. Perfect for training and rewarding good behaviour they provide the ideal snack and are suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Sweet potato is a rich source of vitamins C and B6 as well as being a good source of manganese, potassium and other B vitamins. Vitamin C can help to reduce inflammation in dogs and can also be helpful in improving their cognitive function. Vitamin B6 is absolutely vital in the functioning of the red blood cells that are responsible for carrying oxygen around your pet’s body and is also essential in maintaining a healthy central nervous system as well as helping to regulate hormone distribution. Potassium aids electrical function in the brain and nervous system in your dog and manganese aids in the preservation of strong bones and cartilage. The common dark orange coloured sweet potato is also an awesome source of beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A and can help to maintain and nurture your dog's eyesight as well as improving immune function. Sweet potato can also help to balance blood-sugar levels so is a good alternative treat for those dogs suffering from diabetes. 

This richly nutritious food source is also great for the environment as it reduces the amount of meat that your dog consumes in their dinner or treats. It's also irresistible to dogs with its sweet and sticky flavours and textures, making it a top choice for any dog owner who is looking for a sustainable and nutritious option for their canine companions. 

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