NETTEX launch eCalm to further bolster their equine range


NETTEX are excited to announce that following the purchase of Natural Vet Nutrition, they have now added eCalm to their equine product portfolio.

eCalm is a non-magnesium, natural calmer which has been developed by world-leading veterinary surgeons and scientists with proven, statistically significant results. Its prebiotic like functionality has been shown to influence the horses natural gut microbiome which in turn supports calmness and well-being as well as supporting gut functionality and the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat.

Trials published in Veterinary Times demonstrate the positive effects of feeding eCalm to horses with poor behaviour and horse owners have confirmed eCalm’s swift action and noticeable results. Beau’s owner, said: “Beau was very explosive and quite unpredictable. We had tried just about every calmer on the market and none agreed with him or made any difference to his behaviour. There was a noticeable difference within a week of first starting eCalm, Beau is much quieter and happier in himself, we can take him to shows now without worrying about his behaviour or how he will cope with stressful situations. Beau still very much has his sparkle, eCalm just takes the edge off life for him and enables him to cope better.”

The addition of eCalm further strengthens the existing NETTEX calmer range, which provides many options for horse owners should they prefer magnesium or non-magnesium-based calmers, pastes or powders. NETTEX now delivers a number of solutions for any situation where a calmer horse may be required, for example when travelling, clipping, competing or general stress.

eCalm is an easy to use, cost effective solution for horses and their owners. Available now, from retail and online stockists, to support the launch, consumers will benefit from promotional offers until November 2020 where there will be 10% off a 1kg tub to enable new users to trial the product for themselves and to reward existing users, 20% off purchases of four or more tubs in one transaction.

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