Nova Dog Chews introduce enrichment Bone Broth and Sauce


These products are 100% natural and a great way to boost your pet’s hydration and enrichment

New product news from Nova Dog Chews...

Nova Dog Chews is a leading provider of high-quality dog chews and treats. Committed to the well-being of pets, they offer a wide range of delicious and nutritious products that pets love. Their dedication to excellence has led to remarkable growth and an ever-expanding product range, making them a trusted choice for pet owners worldwide.

They have recently launched two new products: Bone Broth and Sauce. These products are 100% natural and a great way to boost your pet’s hydration and enrichment. The products are rich in collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine, which aid to lubricate and reduce inflammation in joints, promote glossy fur, soft skin and strong nails.

The Sauce

The Sauce comes in 4 flavours: Duck, Lamb, Chicken and Beef. Each of them comes in a 100ml pouch and have between 17 - 25 calories per 100ml depending on the flavour. They are high in collagen with the content being 11600mg to 2110mg per 100ml. Sauces are great to use as a topper to spoil or increase your pet’s appetite, they are great to add to homemade treats and lick mats, making them the perfect healthy snack. The RRP for the Sauce is £2.50.

Bone Broth

The Bone Broth comes in 4 flavours: Moose, Duck, Chicken and Beef. Each comes in a 230ml pouch and has between 9 - 12 calories per 100ml depending on the flavour.  It is cooked for at least 12 hours to separate the useful parts of the bone (collagen) and enabling the removal of fat, making the broth low in calories with zero fat. Bone Broth is great to increase your pet’s fluid levels especially on hot days. You can pour the Broth into dry, wet or raw food. You can also freeze the Broth to create cooling treats for your pets. The RRP for the Bone Broth is £3.60 for Chicken and Beef, and £3.99 for Moose and Duck.

“We are very excited to launch our new Bone Broths and Sauces in time for the summer,” says Antoon Murphy, Joint Managing Director. “The products offer significant health benefits and come in 4 tasty flavours. Ideal for fussy eaters or dogs who don’t drink enough water.”

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