Paw Hide


IQ toys provide fun physical and mental stimulation for your pet. Using challenging IQ toys exercise your dog's mind; reducing boredom and teaching problem solving skills. Redirecting potential destructive behaviour into a positive outlet.

Remove cups to reveal treats inside! Seven independent chambers to hide your dogs treats. Features anti-slip pads at the base of the toy.

The Paw Hide IQ Toy is perfect for beginners, use your pet’s favourite, smelliest treat to get them excited to play and learn! Can also be used during meal time to help engage dogs or slow down eating.

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PPM reviews:

“Once again a well designed box, offering simple clear instructions and demonstrates the product’s use well. The product looks fun, looks well made and easy to care for (all plastic materials will make for easy cleaning).

“I used our dogs normal dry food to start, but they couldn’t work out how to lift the individual chambers… I wasn’t sure if the motivation was there! So I changed to a significantly tastier treat(s), and sure enough, they grasped the idea, lifting each chamber lid with their mouths to reveal the treat underneath.

“Since then, we have reverted back to their standard dry food and they know how it works. It slows meal times and turns it into a game. This is a product I’d recommend.”