Pets Purest Launches New Peanut Powder for Dogs


The powder can be used as a food topper or mixed with water to create a paste

New product from Pets Purest...

Natural pet care brand Pets Purest has launched a brand-new Peanut Powder food topper for dogs, strengthening their growing range of 100% natural treats and supplements. Following the success of peanut powder within the human health sector, Pets Purest are envisaging a similar trend carrying over into the pet market.

“Being first to market with this product is really exciting.” said Chris Socratous, Brand Marketing Manager “We’re convinced that it is going to prove just as popular with our four-legged friends as it does with their owners.”

Whilst peanut butter is a staple of most pet owner’s treat cupboards, it is often highly calorific and not always the best choice for pets who are watching their waistlines. Pets Purest’s new Peanut Powder contains 90% less calories than traditional peanut butter, whilst still remaining lip-smackingly delicious! This low-fat, high-protein supplement is free from palm oil and xylitol, containing no added salt or sugar, making it an ideal guilt-free treat or food topper for fussy eaters.

The peanuts used are slow-roasted and pressed to remove the oil, leaving behind a powder which is packed with protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. These include Niacin, Thiamine, Phosphorus and Magnesium, which help to maintain strong, healthy teeth and bones.

“We’re not just about natural treats, we’re about natural treats with benefits.” added Chris Socratous, Brand Marketing Manager “Peanuts are a great source of healthy protein and are packed with Vitamins B & E, which are essential to our pet’s overall health and wellbeing.”

The powder can be used as a food topper or mixed with water to create a paste. Simply add as much or as little water needed to achieve the desired consistency and use alongside a lick-mat to provide enrichment and mental stimulation for your pet.

Founded in 2017, Pets Purest has already built a strong reputation as a supplier of high-quality 100% natural treats and supplements. With a growing portfolio of products, this latest launch is one of several exciting new product launches planned for this year. “We’re not going to give too much away.” said Chris Socratous, Brand Marketing Manager “But suffice to say that there’s plenty of new products in the pipeline and this definitely won’t be the last you’ll be hearing from us in 2024”.

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