PetSafe expands Play & Challenge range with two new electronic pet toys


PetSafe brand has today introduced two new electronic pet toys to its popular Play & Challenge range as it continues to focus on pet tech in the category. The launch follows the recent success this year of the Ricochet Electronic Dog Toys and the Peek-A-Bird Electronic Cat Toy.

Every Play & Challenge toy is designed to help pet parents with challenging behaviours like chewing and jumping into positive play, keeping pets busy while also challenging them mentally to keep them actively engaged and alert.

The following new additions are available to consumers this month from the PetSafe website and other selected retailers.

The Kibble Chase Roaming Treat Dispenser dispenses treats as it rolls across the floor in random patterns, enticing dogs and keeping them active and entertained. It is simple for owners to use: the battery-powered dispenser just needs to be loaded with kibble, turned on and then they can watch the fun begin. With quiet and durable rubber wheels, the toy has two speed modes suited for hard or carpeted surfaces and its sleep mode lets dogs rest after 10 minutes, with the toy waking up if nudged. The toy holds up to 118ml of kibble and functions as a great slow feeder for dogs that eat too quickly.

The Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy taps into cats’ primal instincts to stalk, chase and pounce. It features a random, ‘dancing dot’ moving laser display that instantly attracts and engages cats. The toy conveniently offers cat owners hands-free play and it has two modes allowing for either one-time play or a play-all-day feature that entertains pets while they are home alone. The toy can rest on a table top or hang from a doorknob for wider and faster laser movement.

Rob Steele marketing manager at PetSafe, said: “Electronic pet toys continue to be a core focus of our category as they help engage pets while being a great entertainment solution for busy pet owners who aren’t always at home. We’re excited to be launching these new toys and are sure they’ll be popular with customers.”

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