Picadoo Pick a Poop Wallet       


The Picadoo Pick a Poop Wallet is a way to make picking up poo much easier and pleasant. It’s easy to carry (even after use), extremely safe, locks away all smells, feeling, and texture, and offered in an environmentally friendly manner using fully compostable bags.

Picadoo is simple in its design making the unit so easy to use. Imagine a wallet with two ends open. One end which allows the entry of the dog waste; the other disposing of the waste.

During its use the waste is safely and conveniently locked away in a fully compostable bag within the Picadoo wallet. Simply enclose the bag within the wallet, operate to collect the waste, and then lock away the contents which secures it fully including any smell the waste makes. Once ready to dispose of the waste, simply unlock the arm, tie up the bag, and open the aperture to release.


Full details and video are available on the website: www.picadoo.co.uk
or email [email protected]