PrettyLittleThing launches brand-new line of pet products


PrettyLittleThing have launched a brand-new line of pet products to add to their pet collection.

Latest new product news from PrettyLittleThing.

From must-have puppy accessories to on-trend cat accessories and much more, your pet-drobe is sure to get a well-deserved pup-date.

Have a walk in the park coming up? Team together one of PrettyLittleThing’s dog collars and padded coats, they’re perfect for amping up your pup’s style game and making them look insta-worthy at any moment.

Not only have PrettyLittleThing released the perfect dog accessories for your furry friend but they have also released exciting new dog toys that are sure to get your pup’s tail wagging for all the right reasons!

Here are PrettyLittleThing’s top pup picks:

1. Grey Dog Donut Anxiety Bed Medium - £18.00

2. Typo Pet Club Zebra Dog Lead - £8.00

3. Typo Pet Club Sh*t Show Grey Dog Poop Bag Holder - £6.00

4. Typo Pet Club Purple Checkerboard Dog Collar - £6.00

5. Dog Pet Astrology book - £10.00