Puresun-Compact Kit 


The PureSun-CompactKit is the latest evolution in effective compact fluorescent lighting technology by Arcadia Bird.

The innovative lighting system has been designed to capture and push forward as much light as possible. It over doubles the amount of light travelling downwards to the bird, when compared to a bare lamp. Birds use the power of the sun to set the day/night cycle, create vitamin D3 naturally which increases calcium and other minerals, and they use UV light to view the world. 

The kit comes with everything the customer needs to get going, including the PureSun-Compact reflector, removable metal safety grille, power cable and switch, and Arcadia Bird’s best ever 20watt compact lamp for birds. 

Arcadia Bird first started research into bird lighting in the mid 1990s and released the very first specialist lamp for birds in 1999. The company uses good science and ethical thinking to put animal welfare at the top of its priorities. 

For trade enquiries and to find out more, visit www.monkfieldreptile.com or email [email protected]